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Kyera is an independent recording artist who has collaborated with some of today’s hottest artists such as Carlos Santana and Goya Menor. Most recently, Kyera has been moved to share her personal natural hair journey through her new song "Look Don't Touch!" which was inspired by her development of a detangling conditioner for natural hair also called, "Look, Don't Touch!"

Kyera’s long boho-chic mane has become her trademark, but what really drives the message behind “Look Don’t Touch!” is the story of how Kyera came to love her hair. For years, she struggled with her own mental hair issues caused mostly by hair envy of others. She invalidated the combination of hair textures that grew out of her head, which lead to bad decisions that further damaged her hair. For years her hair would not grow. It wasn’t until she began to communicate with her hair that she was able to embrace her natural textures and find those natural ingredients that were the most nourishing.

This high quality, all natural detangling conditioner was formulated with the hope that naturlistas will have an easier time managing their tangled manes while also understanding that they don’t have to put harmful chemicals on their hair. The natural and organic ingredients are known for detangling, moisturizing and promoting growth while giving hair a healthy shine.

Kyera passionately encourages the natural hair community to proudly shine their natural lights and embrace their roots. With her "Look, Don't Touch!" detangling conditioner and accompanying song for natural hair, Kyera is a supportive friend on the journey of self-love and acceptance through rediscovering your strength - both literally with healthier locks as well as emotionally by embracing what makes you unique!

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